STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA (May 30, 2019) – A pair of former Hoosier Tire California Speedweek main event winners have thrown their hats in the ring for the 2019 edition on June 25-29. 2016 Lemoore Raceway Restricted winner Keith Day, Jr. and 2015 Lemoore Raceway Super 600 winner Jake Andreotti will be among a field of 44 Super 600 drivers that will compete at Dixon Speedway, Delta Speedway in Stockton, Keller Auto Raceway in Visalia, and Lemoore Raceway.

The popular duo shares time in Winged 360 Sprint Cars this year campaigned by Day Racing primarily at Ocean Speedway in Watsonville, CA. Andreotti’s esteemed Micro career includes multiple King of California titles and the 2017 Delta Speedway track championship. The Castro Valley-based driver was fourth in the 2018 Speedweek standings and likely would have been higher without a grinding crash during the feature at Dixon. Day, out of Chualar, CA, had an average feature finish of eighth across the three features he made in 2019’s Speedweek. A DNQ at Plaza Park dropped him to eleventh in the overall standings.

The series also sees 42 entries filed for Non Wing and 39 entries for the Restricted division. Recent Restricted entrants include Goodyear, AZ siblings Tuesday and Logan Calderwood. Registration is still open for both Super 600 and Restricted with information available at

California Speedweek thanks Hoosier Racing Tire, Elk Grove Ford, Bullet Impressions, Driven Performance, Keizer Wheels, Chalk Stix, CSI Shocks, Wilwood Brakes, Security Race Products, MyRacePass, and Fast Four Media for their support. For marketing information, contact Steven Blakesley at (916) 316-4854 or

Restricted 00 Preston Scheulen Tulsa OK
Restricted 02 Ashton Torgerson Central Point OR
Restricted 1 Brenham Crouch Lubbock TX
Restricted 10 Emerson Vincent Auckland NZ
Restricted 10B Braden Streuter Murrieta CA
Restricted 12B Dawson Faria Tipton CA
Restricted 14J Jade Avedisian Clovis CA
Restricted 17 Joshua Rogers Hanford CA
Restricted 2 Brody Petrie Napa CA
Restricted 20 James Andrichuk Roseville CA
Restricted 21 Gauge Garcia Lemoore CA
Restricted 22m Rees Moran Tulsa OK
Restricted 22P Logan Penman Auburn CA
Restricted 24 Jordi Meese Graham WA
Restricted 24s Izaak Sharp Grass Valley CA
Restricted 25B Blaine Baxter Santa Rosa CA
Restricted 2c Brekton Crouch Lubbock TX
Restricted 36 Tuesday Calderwood Goodyear AZ
Restricted 4 Becca Clark Vancouver WA
Restricted 44T Austin Taborski Quincy CA
Restricted 44x Jeffrey Pahule Brentwood CA
Restricted 49 Jarrett Rogers Hanford CA
Restricted 4A Logan Calderwood Goodyear AZ
Restricted 4B Brandt Twitty Bakersfield CA
Restricted 4L Lane Taylor Mckenna WA
Restricted 5 Mattix Salmon Fresno CA
Restricted 51 Dalton Parreira Hanford CA
Restricted 5R Ryan Rocha Hanford CA
Restricted 5T Ryan Timms Oklahoma City OK
Restricted 6 Kaiden Clark Tucson AZ
Restricted 61 Eli Bookout Hanford CA
Restricted 61b Wyatt Bookout Hanford CA
Restricted 72B Bryant Bell Oakley CA
Restricted 77 Sage Bordenave French Camp CA
Restricted 7D Drew Mowry Clovis CA
Restricted 7T Logan Trevino Madera CA
Restricted 88 Reilee Phillips Fresno CA
Restricted 88R Ryder Laplante Calera OK
Restricted 88T Matthew Tatoole Sacramento CA

Non-Wing 01 Mitchel Moles Raisin City CA
Non-Wing 07x Troy Morris Bakersfield CA
Non-Wing 10 Johnathon Henry Fair Oaks CA
Non-Wing 10J Ben Worth Coalinga CA
Non-Wing 10T Tristan Guardino Fremont CA
Non-Wing 14 Tj Smith Fresno CA
Non-Wing 14B Steve Kaiser Fairfield CA
Non-Wing 15 Randy Sims Ripon CA
Non-Wing 15c Thomas Carroll Roseville CA
Non-Wing 16 Brent Holfman Manteca CA
Non-Wing 161 Tyler Hester Exeter CA
Non-Wing 17D James Ringo Morgan Hill CA
Non-Wing 1AZ Paul Martin Phoenix AZ
Non-Wing 1c Daniel Carroll Roseville CA
Non-Wing 21s Brandon Sutton Wittmann AZ
Non-Wing 22M Brett McColloch Galt CA
Non-Wing 25x Christopher Robinson Steubenville OH
Non-Wing 26AU Liam Williams Jimboomba, QLD AUS
Non-Wing 26s Chris Silva Manteca CA
Non-Wing 28K Kevin Carter Los Banos CA
Non-Wing 32 Caden Sarale Stockton CA
Non-Wing 3E Bryce Eames Santa Maria CA
Non-Wing 3L Jimmy Leal Laton CA
Non-Wing 3R Nick Robfogel Rohnert Park CA
Non-Wing 4 Mikie Clark Vancouver WA
Non-Wing 44x Austin Stone Sacramento CA
Non-Wing 47 Danny Rozendahl Fremont CA
Non-Wing 5 Chase Hyland Cherry Hills VIllage CO
Non-Wing 51 Brody Fuson Bakersfield CA
Non-Wing 55 Brandon Carey Ripon CA
Non-Wing 7 Mason Keefer Camp Verde AZ
Non-Wing 711 Trevor Hester Exeter CA
Non-Wing 75 Dan Mognaga Valley Springs CA
Non-Wing 7m Jeremy Mattos Hanford CA
Non-Wing 7R Norman Rose San Jose CA
Non-Wing 81T Andrew Tamariz Hanford CA
Non-Wing 8 Gunner Bowden Muskogee OK
Non-Wing 87 Josh Hurley Livermore CA
Non-Wing 87k Kelvin Lewis Rocklin CA
Non-Wing 88 Austin Torgerson Central Point OR
Non-Wing 97w Christian Hickman Caruthers CA
Non-Wing CA88 Koen Shaw Fresno CA

Super 600’s 01 Mitchel Moles Raisin City CA
Super 600’s 06 Blake Bower Brentwood CA
Super 600’s 07x Troy Morris Bakersfield CA
Super 600’s 1 Travis Labat Livermore CA
Super 600’s 10J Ben Worth Coalinga CA
Super 600’s 11 Jessica Mcmanus West Sacramento CA
Super 600’s 12 Cody Christensen Fresno CA
Super 600’s 121 Caeden Steele Fresno CA
Super 600’s 12A Alex Panella Stockton CA
Super 600’s 14 Jake Hagopian Fresno CA
Super 600’s 14B Steve Kaiser Fairfield CA
Super 600’s 14k Noah Key Justin TX
Super 600’s 15 Cody Key Fresno CA
Super 600’s 15D Dayna Hill Lemoore CA
Super 600’s 15L Michael Laughton Denair CA
Super 600’s 17 Dillon Horsley Riverbank CA
Super 600’s 19 Colby Thornhill Enumclaw WA
Super 600’s 19F Michael Faccinto Hanford CA
Super 600’s 1AZ Paul Martin Phoenix AZ
Super 600’s 21 Raio Salmon Fresno CA
Super 600’s 22 Travis Senter Osceola AR
Super 600’s 22JR Keith Day, Jr. Chualar CA
Super 600’s 22R Ryley Mayer Granite Falls WA
Super 600’s 24 Caden Sarale Stockton CA
Super 600’s 26AU Liam Williams Jimboomba, QLD AUS
Super 600’s 27 Ron Singh Rancho Cordova CA
Super 600’s 32A Colton Huelsmann Knightsen CA
Super 600’s 33 Dylan Bloomfield Discovery Bay CA
Super 600’s 39K Kaitlyn Hammer Lake Stevens WA
Super 600’s 4 Garrett Twitty Bakersfield CA
Super 600’s 41 Corey Day Clovis CA
Super 600’s 42AU Ethan Eyears Lismore, NSW AUS
Super 600’s 44 Scotty Milan Fort Collins CO
Super 600’s 4G Brian Gilbert Visalia CA
Super 600’s 51 Brody Fuson Bakersfield CA
Super 600’s 55 Brandon Carey Ripon CA
Super 600’s 73 Nikko Panella Stockton CA
Super 600’s 7p Jake Andreotti Castro Valley CA
Super 600’s 83c Chance Crum Snohomish WA
Super 600’s 87 Ashlyn Rodriguez Wilton CA
Super 600’s 88 Austin Torgerson Central Point OR
Super 600’s 88w Eric Wright Gallatin TN
Super 600’s 9 Chase Randall Waco TX
Super 600’s 93 Matt Carr Fayetteville NC

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